Recycling Conundrums

29 10 2006

This was published in the Leelanau Enterprise a couple weeks ago. This is just one example of the strange political atmosphere up here in the North Woods.

“The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners decided this week to add a $25-per-household fee to December tax bills in seven of the county’s 11 townships. Meanwhile, residents of the four townships where an annual per-household fee was voted down in the Aug. 8 Primary election will not be charged the fee, nor will the county ask residents of those townships to pay the fee “voluntarily.”Starting next year, residents of those four townships – Bingham, Cleveland, Kasson and Solon – will be guilty of “larceny by conversion” if they deposit recyclable materials at any of the county’s recycling sites.”

So now it seams that if I would like to be a good steward of this beautiful county and recycle my trash rather than dump it in Glen’s Landfill, I will now be guilty of larceny! Granted, I do live in a township that voted down the $25 a year fee (another pathetic problem…I mean really… do you people NOT have an extra $25 in your budget or did you use it to cut down the last tree that was blocking the view of the lake from your 1.5 million doller home??!!) now I have to take my recycling into Traverse City. Hell, I’ll spend $25 in gas just to get there to top it off!

Stories like this just get to me. I don’t understand the logic and I don’t get the reason this was put to a vote in the first place. You people want services, than pay the dam taxes. Don’t come crying to me when you get hit with a $50 fine for recycling your trash when you could have just paid the $25 fee for the option to do it. You loose…now you’re out $75 with a criminal record. Dip shits.




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