Las Vegas

2 11 2006

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I’ve been back from my Las Vegas trip with Jirar and I thought I would take just a moment to comment on my trip out west. I know this is a blog about Leelanau but Vegas and Leelanau do share one important thing with each other. GAMBLING. I had a great time this year in Vegas. I was fortunate to not only have money to spend this time (thanks to my promotion at work and a healthy lucky streak at Leelanau Sands Casino) but I also got to see Elton John live at Cesar’s Palace! It was an amazing concert. Everyone should, at least once in their lives, see Elton live. It was a concert I’ll never forget. I also got to see the ‘old Las Vegas’ this time around. Last time Jirar and I went we confied ourselves to the strip. This time we decided to branch out a bit and we went downtown to Fremont Street to see what we could see. The lights were spectacular. Better than the strip I think. My photo suggests Loose Slots…well not really. I lost a ton of money this year but I had a blast doing it. I won’t go into much detail here (I’ll save it for my family) but each time I go to Vegas, it reminds me how fun it can be to be an adult (with a job). Check out my Fliker web site to see more photos from my trip.



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