Mid-Term Vote

7 11 2006

Today is election day around the country. I figured I would put my 2 cents here on my blog for those of you who might have ever questioned my political motives.

As for the national races, I’m going to vote for the Democrats all around. A couple years ago, I might not have done this but I have lost all interest in supporting any part of a Republican party whose members can’t keep their dicks in their pants (among other things). I’m sick of being gay-bashed by bigots, swindlers, and apparently street wise John’s looking to satisfy their deeply closeted gay urges with young boys. What a pathetic bunch of fools they have proven themselves to be. As for the Democrats, well, I’m not terribly pleased with their performance either. Again, I’m sick of the bullshit. In comparison though, I’ll take the dog shit over the horse shit. There tends to be a little less of it to clean up.

On to the state and local issues. For the locals running, if I can find a democrat on the ticket, you will get my vote. If not, nobody does. I will be reluctantly supporting the farmland preservation initiative. If there ever was a stupid idea this is it. I’m going to vote to tax myself to help support the preservation of agriculture in this county. It’s not the preservation that bugs me, it’s the tax. It’s just one more thing to add to the list of funds being withdrawn from my life. Ultimately, I don’t want to see Leelanau developed any more than it already is but on the other hand I tend to be a realist. There is a certain amount of development that can’t be stopped. In another 20 years, this county will be no different from other resort counties in the state. There will be a few big parks with lots of acreage but the villages will grow, fast food will come here, stop lights will go up. You can’t stop it folks. The only way you can is to put road blocks at all the roads that go into the county and prevent all people from going in. Sorry, won’t ever happen. You know you want the services and conveniences, you just don’t want to admit it.

I’ll also be voting to prevent the sport hunting of Mourning Doves. Again, what a dumb ass ballot measure. I’m not really a big fan of sport hunting anyhow (although I do get the DNR’s position for allowing it). As much as I hate the cooing from these ugly creatures, I hate more the sound of gunshots coming from the barrel of a shotgun held by some loony red-neck down the road. Based on the stories from people that actually want to hunt these birds, none of them look to me like they could actually hit them anyway. I mean between the shots of whisky and and the crystal meth growing out of their ears, I doubt these birds have much to worry about. They have more to fear from the elusive cougars that people keep insisting exist in this county.

Finally, I on the state ballot, I’ll be voting to support private property rights to keep the tyrannical hands of our government from deciding what’s best for people. I don’t own my own home but eventually I will. I don’t care to think that at some point the government might have the right to just waltz in and declare emanate domain over MY domain. Fuck em. If you want my properly, I want 30x what it’s worth and I’m going to give you shit for trying to decide whats in my best interest. There are a couple of other proposals on the ballot but I don’t recall what they are. I’ll make my mind up at the poll. I’ll be writing one more post today to let readers know how my experience went at the polls.




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