Election Results

9 11 2006

Here are the election results. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read them. Big victories all around the country for Democrats. It seems people are sick of the corruption led by Republicans. You can pretty much count on nothing productive happening for the next 2 years until the presidential election. Bush has been bushwhacked and the Dems will do everything they can to prevent him from exercising his power from here on out.

In local news, I guess I won’t be needing to worry about the meth-head red-necks shooting Mourning Doves. The measure to allow it failed by a big margin. Affirmative action as we know it is over in Michigan, schools will again be miserably underfunded due to the failure of proposal 6 and by a large margin, the government will be prevented from taking away my home. Dickie DeVos lost his bid for Governor (thank god…DeVos already rules one city, it would be horrible to see him rule the state) and Granholm has a shot now to get something done.

Anyhow, here is the link to the Leelanau County web site with election results for all your favorite and not so favorite public figures.





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