Leelanites and Kriptonite?

20 11 2006

Alright folks, this is going to be a bitch week. Hopefully one of only a few that I will have in the near future. As my previous post indicated, I’m a little irritated with some of you rotten bastards who think it’s somehow my single most important job in life to ram my face up your ass. Thank GOD this season comes only once a year. When it’s over you all can go back to your usual, more pleasant selves. Yes, work has been a little crazy lately. Not only do I get to put in 12 hour days for the next week (while the rest of you enjoy vacation), I get to deal with the craziest of them all on BLACK FRIDAY. (That’s code in retail meaning come in to my store and let me rob you blind). I love being a enterprising capitalist sometimes.

Now, back to my real reason for writing today. Who taught people to drive in this county anyhow? Are your necks so red that the fundamentals of driving completely elude you? Why do I have to be the one to remind you looses to DIM YOUR LIGHTS when you approach other cars? Do you really think other drivers want to be blinded by anything OTHER than your arrogance? If you can’t see at night, please for the sake of humanity, STAY OFF THE ROAD!! Second, why do you believe it’s ever OK to tailgate anyone on icy roads? Some dork decided this would be fun this morning as I was headed to work at 5AM. Well, rather than get there any faster than he would have had he just stayed behind me, he passed, did a pretty impressive fishtail right in front of me and then suddenly had a revelation that maybe he should just slow his ass down. Funny how that works.

Really, I mean no harm to anyone but really folks, driving is NOT difficult. Watch the video to see some crazy drivers….




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