How to Write Good

23 12 2006

As much as I don’t like to talk about myself (if you belive that you’re crazy), I do get a kick out of some of my co-workers. Particularly the ones who just love to shove their pointy little noses as far up the bosses ass as possible. Anyhow, the emails that they send encouraging ‘teamwork’ are at best a poor reflection of their own lack of leadership (since those are the things a BOSS should be pushing, not the drones) and at worst and reflection of the things that have gone horribly wrong with our education system today. A good number of my peers are younger than I am so I think I am within my boundaries to criticize their lack of worldly intelligence from time to time.

While surfing around tonight I stumbled across a great web site called Plain Language Humor. The link below will bring you to a great list of the things to avoid when writing (many of which I am guilty of but at least my sentences are coherent). Those of you reading with a basic knowledge of language will enjoy this link.

Plain Language Humor: How to Write Good




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