Night and Day

23 12 2006

One of the things I love about living in Leelanau are the amazing contrasts from one place to another. Today I took the dog out and decided it might be fun to take some photos of 2 beaches that Jirar and I frequent during the hot summer months. It’s always neat to see them in the winter when you can actually get to them because while the body of water is the same, it is always behaving differently at each place.

This first photo is of Good Harbor Beach near the old timber docks. There was a great article in the Leelanau Enterprise about the history of this part of Good Harbor around the turn of the century. This area was at one time quite a bustling logging community. Anyhow, it was freezing here today with winds steady at 30-40mph and huge waves. You don’t see these kinds of waves in the summer except in rare circumstances. You can see the high water mark and where there has been considerable movement of the shoreline occurring during these winter months.

The second photo here shows Good Harbor bay about 8 miles up the coast towards Glen Arbor. Jirar and I like this beach because it is one of the few that the tourists don’t know about yet. We can bring the dog here and not see another person all day. That is starting to change (it seems people have wised up to the fact that most of the beaches along this bay are part of the National Lake shore and open to the public). The beach here is nearly gone for the winter. The water has come all the way up to the dune grass. In the summer there is a good 20 more feet of beach. Notice however that the bay is nearly calm here. No big waves and the wind here was almost still. This beach by the way is one of the best I’ve seen for finding Petoskey Stones. I have never gone here and not come back home with a pocket full.

Christmas is nearly upon us and Jirar and I will be heading down state to see family for the 1 day off this month that we actually get together. I’ll be happy to see this wretched season go. I don’t like Christmas much. Working in retail has jaded my good will towards man if you will. People are idiots this time of year.



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