Death to Wallpaper

19 02 2007

What a weekend. Whoever invented the concept of wallpaper should be shot. It should never be used, hung, or put in any home at any time. I spent the majority of my weekend off removing wallpaper from my office. If you haven’t guessed, it was a mess and a terribly tedious job. When I moved in to this place the room had been decorated with a layer of ‘Jungle’ wallpaper which in effect was actually contact paper. Under that, there was a layer of either Care Bear or Rainbow Bright wall paper (I could not tell which it was). My office had been a child’s room in a previous life and I’m sure it brought happiness to that child. Now that the room has grown up however it’s time to do away with paper on the walls and give it a fresh coat of paint (the proper thing to put on walls because it can be changed EASILY).

I am looking forward to finishing the space. I’ve been sitting on this project for nearly 3 years and finally gained the ambition to tackle it. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.


A Contemporary Traditionalist

9 02 2007

Browsing around YouTube today I ran across John Rutter’s Psalm 150. Having lived the unique American Boychoir and then having spent nearly 10 years entrenched in Anglican cathedral choir traditions, I have somewhat of a hard time with John Rutter. His music is passionate but then again so much of it is truly rotten cheese. He is a composer for the 20th century, a man that can accomplish remarkable musicality while at the same time appealing to grandma sitting in the second pew. I suppose that is what makes him a good composer and arranger. Psalm 150 is loaded with traditional melodies and phrases and at the same time it is hijacked at times by over triumphant horns. Just have a listen. I will likely add more music like this from time to time on my blog. It’s a big part of my past and something I still enjoy quite a bit today although I spend little, if any time participating in it.

Psalm 150 – Loud Forceful Energetic. – VIDEO REMOVED BY YOU TUBE

For the Beauty of the Earth – The rotten cheese I was referring to above. I am reminded almost exclusively of Dr. Anton Armstrong listening to this. Dr. Armstrong knew what audiences wanted and what their novice ears could tolerate. This was a favorite of his. I have him to personally thank for instilling in me my love for choral music.