A Contemporary Traditionalist

9 02 2007

Browsing around YouTube today I ran across John Rutter’s Psalm 150. Having lived the unique American Boychoir and then having spent nearly 10 years entrenched in Anglican cathedral choir traditions, I have somewhat of a hard time with John Rutter. His music is passionate but then again so much of it is truly rotten cheese. He is a composer for the 20th century, a man that can accomplish remarkable musicality while at the same time appealing to grandma sitting in the second pew. I suppose that is what makes him a good composer and arranger. Psalm 150 is loaded with traditional melodies and phrases and at the same time it is hijacked at times by over triumphant horns. Just have a listen. I will likely add more music like this from time to time on my blog. It’s a big part of my past and something I still enjoy quite a bit today although I spend little, if any time participating in it.

Psalm 150 – Loud Forceful Energetic. – VIDEO REMOVED BY YOU TUBE

For the Beauty of the Earth – The rotten cheese I was referring to above. I am reminded almost exclusively of Dr. Anton Armstrong listening to this. Dr. Armstrong knew what audiences wanted and what their novice ears could tolerate. This was a favorite of his. I have him to personally thank for instilling in me my love for choral music.




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