WOW, long time no post!!!!

25 09 2007

Dam, it’s been a long time since I’ve bothered to post on this blog. This week I’ve made a renewed effort at keeping up this writing thing. Guess why…….I’VE QUIT SMOKING AND NEED SOMETHING TO DO!!!!

I have decided that one way to kick the habit is to replace one bad habit with another. So, here is my other bad habit: BITCHING about the moron red necks that surround me every day! Having a blog is nothing short of blowing your own horn and honestly, I have no problems doing that except that really the only people reading this are likely family members. Well, to that extent, sorry for being an offensive bitch. If I’m required to be a properly socialized human in real life, you must at least allow me the opportunity to be a raving lunatic while on line! No, really, I love you all…..just be glad that I’ll never speak to you this way in real life. More in a few hours…or days…or whatever.




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