The “Cottage”

26 09 2007

Well, amazing.  The cottage is now nearly complete.  The upstairs windows went in today and the shake shingles were hung.  Only thing left now to do is have a dishwasher installed and hang up the blinds.  It’s taken since the end of May which, in fact, is not really that long a time considering what they have done to the house.  It’s completely different now from what it was.  Very cool to see.

 The weather is getting frightful up here.  Starting to turn colder which means that I’ll be writing more often now that I can’t get outside comfortably much longer.  I’ll be posting a batch of fall colors on in a few days.  If the weather is nice this weekend, I am going hiking with my dog and my camera.  Hopefully to bring back some choice pictures of my favorite time of year up here.  Stay tuned.

 I’m still a non-smoker!!  YEH.  It’s been 4 full days now since I’ve smoked.  I am using the patch to help me quit.  Even though the ‘success’ rate is less than 10% by users of the patch, it seems to help me pretty well.  My biggest problem is finding things to do when I would normally just go have a cigarette.  Normally, I’d have chosen to just go smoke rather than spend this much time writing a blog entry!  I need to get into an exercise routine and kick this expensive habit for good.  I can’t afford to smoke anymore….and not just monetarily.

Helpfully I’ll have a little more to say tomorrow.




One response

1 10 2007

Yippeeeeee!!!!! No smoking!!!! Keep it up!!!!! I love exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!

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