New Blog Software – Trial Run

4 10 2007

Ok, I’m giving Microsoft a chance to prove themselves worthy of an off line blog editing software package.  I’m using Windows Live Writer to type this post and I’m going to try a few things to see how it uploads to the blog.  I’m on DAY 12 now without a cigarette.  The last few days have actually been a little harder.  I have no intention of starting again but I really have to find things to do with my time.  When I was board before, I would just go have a smoke.  When I drove my car, I would smoke… it’s amazing how those nicotine filled tubes control your life!  Anyhow, enough about that.

Here is a recent picture (testing the picture function)


Well, it seems to work although I don’t think this will show up centered.  The picture was taken on M-22 heading towards Leland in late fall last year.  I don’t have enough pictures yet to get one on here from this year.  That should change tomorrow.

Be sure you visit my photo web site Leelanau Photography to check out all my fall photos plus many more that I’ve taken.  You can even buy them if you want to.  Someday, maybe I’ll make some money selling them but for now, take them while you can.

Hope you are liking my new blog.  I know I’ve had what 30 of them in the past year.  My family can’t keep up with me.  Sometimes I can’t either.  I think I’ve settled though on 2 things.  First, my photography web site.  I purchased the domain name, the premium account (a gift from mom and dad) and I’ve spent a good amount of time uploading and tagging pictures so I think I’ll keep it considering the time I’ve spent with that.  Second, this Blog on WordPress.  I really like their format much better than  These guys seem to have their shit together a little more and their templates and options are far greater than anything I’ve used for blogging before.  More later!




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