People Suck

13 10 2007

Typically, I don’t do a lot of bitching about other people but because I work in retail and because I am a manager in retail, I get to deal with all the assholes.  Not sure what has crawled up every-ones ass this week but people sure have been rude.  I’ve been snapped at, whistled at and today I was told that I had a bad attitude because I was not willing to dismantle a huge display and sell it at a discount to this fool who couldn’t wait 1 day for more of the items to come in. 

TIP:  DON’T BUY DISPLAYS FROM ANYONE EVER!  They are there for you to look at, touch, play with, and admire IN THE STORE.  No, I’m NOT going to pay my team member twice the profit I would make on the item to take it apart and box it up for you because you can’t wait and why in the FUCK would I even consider offering you a discount on it you cheap bastard? 

SECOND TIP:  DON’T EMBARRASS YOURSELF BY LYING TO ME ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU’VE SPENT IN MY STORE.  You silly little shit, do you really think in a store that does millions a year in sales that your $200 sale is in any way a “significant” purchase?  Don’t tell my boss you absolutely have to have that display because you’re going to spend another $5000 next week on something else and (after my boss calls me) come back and suddenly increase that figure to $20,000!  Not only are you a lying sack of shit, YOU are indeed the one with a questionable attitude.

Can you tell I had a rough day today?  I had one of my best team members quit today too although I support her 100% for doing it.  She just had a child and needs a consistent schedule.  That just doesn’t happen in retail and she was offered another job that could accommodate her needs at this time in her life.  Good for her, her next employer is getting an awesome employee.  Couple all this shit with having to spend $100 on a new battery for my car and that adds up to GOD when will tomorrow get here?

Enough for tonight.  It’s that time of year again.  Don’t know who to give credit to for this, I found it on DIGG and there was no credit given there either.





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