Nice Day

15 10 2007

Well, after hell on Friday, this weekend has actually been pretty nice and relaxing.  I had to sweat a little on Saturday.  Dad and I took out the boat and the dock for the winter.  What a pain that is.  It’s one of those things however, it has to get done and Dad sure isn’t going to do it by himself so I get to do the good son thing and help.  Today was nice too.  I’m finally starting to convince Mom and Dad that technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  We went to Sam’s Club today and they finally got a good cell phone and a good cell phone plan.  They bought the Moto Razor phone which after the rebate was only $10.  They got a nice small contract to go with it.  Now if they will just keep the dam thing on and WITH them when they leave the house.  They like to go places all the time and as they get older I’d like to see some role reversal.  The kids need to know where their folks are once and a while and be able to get in touch with them.  They need to be able to get in touch with us too and having a crap cell phone and no minutes on a pre-pay plan just wasn’t cutting it.

Tonight I’m just relaxing before getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.  I really do like my job, I just dislike a majority of the ME, ME, ME consumers out there who would rather bitch than do any homework about what they are buying.  Sorry, you are the people who DESERVE (yes DESERVE) to be royally taken advantage of.  I have no sympathy.


I was reminded of my school DAAAAZZZEEE tonight, Christine is working on math homework and I am upstairs thanking god that if indeed I ever really needed to ‘find x’ there are smarter people than I whom I can simply pay to find it for me.




One response

16 10 2007

Thank you for updating the parents. It’s been driving me crazy! If their land phone isn’t fixed yet, will you stop at the office building and see what’s going on? I don’t think dad has the guts. I’ll call you soon!

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