Fab Fall – The last good day

17 10 2007

It’s that time of year again when the good days in Northern Michigan are few and far between.  When the sun is out and the temperature is comfortable, you had better get outside and enjoy it because it won’t last…not for a minute.  Today I was done with work early in the day (and I have tomorrow off so expect more posts tonight and tomorrow) so I went over to the cottage for the afternoon.  I’m glad I did.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  Upper 60’s and sunny.  I was able to get lots of pictures, many of which are now uploaded on leelanauphotography.com along with some additions to the family remodel section.  As it turns out, my web sites are now going to be seen by extended family so, as you all are reading my blog (since it’s linked from leelanauphotography.com and I know you could not resist clicking the link), I hope you enjoy the pictures and no, you are not in any way obligated to agree or for that matter even enjoy my writing here.  You’ve never known me to not have a somewhat inflated ego, this blog is tame compared to others I’ve done in the past so take it for what it’s worth, a little glimpse into my inner sanctum.

I’ve sort of gotten away from ranting about politics on my blog here.  Maybe I’m just a little disillusioned lately that grown men (and women) are so brazenly ignorant.  Maybe I just take life too seriously….maybe not.  Seems the Republicans are tripping all over themselves lately from Senator “Wide Stance” to Bush’s nightmare in Iraq.  Of course the Democrats are just as foolish, they’ve just been out of the spotlight for several years.  It won’t be long before someone screws an intern or has an orgy in the Lincoln Bedroom.  I guess (since I’m now on to politics) if I had to say something about it all I would just say WHATEVER.  I can’t get passionate about supporting people or causes like I could when I was 25.  Maybe that just means I’m getting old (I hope so actually) but I think more likely it means that I’m a little past the petty bickering and interested more in seeing something get done.  OK, no more, when I moved to Leelanau I was pretty conservative.  I developed those beliefs due to my surroundings in conservative Grand Rapids.  Now that I’m in the North Woods of Michigan I’ve become a raging liberal again (back to my roots) and I’m finding myself to be almost socialist in some ways.  In other ways, I think a lot of people out there just suck in general and I don’t care much for them or about them.  So, you can see I’m pretty much all over the board which is why I’ve not written much about politics because even I can’t follow myself.

Anyhow, my photos are nearly uploaded and I need to create another set to upload so I’ll write more later.  Meanwhile, take a peek at this – read this VERY closely:





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