20 10 2007

Found this tonight.  Makes me laugh that some people are just plain stupid (I’m so judgemental lately).  Makes me wonder if she is perhaps a born again Christian….you know, the ones that think the world magically appeared in 6 days and on the 7th the creator smoked a big fattie and ate potato chips all day?  I mean has this woman never seen the moon?  Perhaps she is confused because she can’t touch it and it looks small, you know, 700 million miles away and all…god she looks at least old enough to have some recollection of who Neil Armstrong was?  Maybe not.  Someday I’ll get into religion here on this blog.  I’ve not had much reason to even talk about it since leaving the holy land of Grand Rapids.  Up here in the north woods they smoke Peyote and worship the sun (when it actually comes out from the clouds).  Pretty different universe compared to GR.





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