Dam Turkeys

25 10 2007

Why are turkeys so stupid?  Was driving to work this morning and an entire flock of them were just milling about in the middle of the road.  I had to stop and wait for them to figure it out and get out of the road, they all just looked at me like WTF?  WE were here first.  Stupid birds are not even native to this area – I hear they don’t taste very good either.

Wow things are really slowing down up here (finally).  Looks like the first of November, we will be switching to winter hours at Menards.  That means getting out of work an hour earlier each night and going from 12 hour days to 11 hour days.  It’s amazing that 1 hour can really make a difference in my sanity.  The hour switch needs to really happen earlier though.  I think I saw 1 person in my department from 8:30 to 1o tonight.  I sent all my team members home early because there was nobody in the store to sell anything to.  Sucks for them…I’ve been there.  I wish I could give them the hours but I have to lead with my intellect, not my emotions.  It’s not my company.

Looking forward to the weekend off.  Jirar won’t be home, he’s still in Indie for another week or so.  He’ll be back up soon though, I miss having him around.  You don’t realize how much someone means to you until they aren’t there.  I think Gavin misses him too.  Well off to bed.  I’ll leave you with this link check it out:  Musictheory.net.  Ya, I’m a bit of a geek.  I wish they had this kind of stuff when I was learning theory years ago.  God it would have been easier.




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