I Want my MTV

26 10 2007

Well, not a whole lot going on in my life right now so I’m sort of reaching for things to write about lately.  I am trying to form a habit though of writing as often as I can even if it’s about nothing at all.  Writing keeps my mind healthy and my keyboarding skills up to date.  I have 2 things to talk about tonight.

First, if you can’t see at night, please, for the love of God – GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD.  I am so sick of driving home from work at 10pm and invariably I am blinded by at least 3 to 4 dumb shits who don’t know how to turn off their stinking high beams.  Now, before you get all pissy on me and tell me well it’s just an SUV sitting up high off the road or something – NOT THE CASE.  The morons won’t turn off their beams until I flash them mine and then they dim their lights.  So are they just stupid?  Are they just inconsiderate bastards? Are they blind?  I don’t know but I think people in this county just have some kind of problem.  It is rare (and I mean very rare) that I drive with my high beams on.  If I can’t see, I don’t drive.  Pretty simple rule to live by.  I’m at the point however with this that I’m considering just driving all the time with my high beams on just to freaking piss people off!  Enough already, I should not have to suffer becuase you can’t see 10 feet in front of you.

Second: Today I read with great interest about a problem that plagues Leelanau County and its about a problem that I contend has kept and continues to keep young people from moving here and living here.  Someone has constructed an 80 foot tower on his property so that he can receive high speed Internet via satellite because nothing else is available in that part of the county.   STRIKE THAT, there is only 1 other option at all in this county and that is DSL and that is ONLY in Cleveland Township. This person was not going to sit idly by and remain unconnected in a very connected world so he did what he has every right to do, fix the problem legally.  Local zoning laws don’t apply to communication towers (regulated by the FCC) at this point in Leelanau because the county government has their heads shoved so far up their asses that they have not gotten around to addressing towers used beyond cell phone towers yet!  Neighbors are pissed.  I intend to write a letter to the editor about that story and relay some of my complete frustration with this county in so far as their infrastructure is concerned.  I’ll give you that this is rural but good lord, I live 20 miles outside of a major (well almost) city for shit sake!  Why the HELL is DSL the best you can give me here?  In Grand Rapids, people in ROCKFORD (20 miles outside of Grand Rapids) have digital cable, high speed Internet, satellite, DSL, dial-up,  and any number of other tech options available at their fingertips.  What do we have?  A county that inherited all OLD infrastructure from Traverse City when they went digital.  CHEAP FUCKS!

POINT:  No, I’m not 80 years old and YES I want to be here, live here, work here and pay taxes here.  I also WANT OPTIONS!  I am so sick of the NIMBY (not in my back yard) fools that live up here 2 weeks out of the year who somehow manage to influence (bribe) the county government into believing that people here just don’t want access to technology.  I want 150 channels of HDTV, I want3Mbs download speed on my cable Internet connection, I want a clear signal to my Sirius radio, I want digital cell phone reception in ALL parts of the county.  Can I get any of those things?  Only on really fucking good days of which there are few.  So, looks like Leelanau County will loose yet another young person and yet another contributor to their year around tax base due to their inability to keep up with the times.  I just don’t understand why I piss all this money into the tax coffers every week AND I DON’T SEE ANY RESULTS!

Sorry for the bitch session folks.  I get going and it’s hard to stop.  Now I need to sleep.  No pictures today.




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