New Browser Time!

26 10 2007

I’ve always been an early adopter and computer shit is no exception.  Today I’ve downloaded and installed a new web browser called FLOCK.  It promises to be all about social networking and web2.0 usability.  Now, I’ve really gotten into the web2.0 thing and while I’m not really doing much “social networking” I happen to like many of those types of web sites.  I think really though its more of a novelty because the “old” web was so bland, these web sites are far more interactive and fun.  Anyhow, I am doing this blog posting now from an integrated editor and so far so good.  The most important thing I have to look for in a blog editor is a damm spell checker!  This one has it.  Picture importing and display is also critical for me.  So here’s a picture, we’ll see how it turns out. 

I have the weekend off so stay tuned for a few posts.  Tonight I have to take all the guts out of 2 pumpkins for a little Halloween ordeal at the Aunt and Uncles house tomorrow night.  Going to try and cook up some pumpkin seeds tonight.  I love this time of year!

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