26 10 2007

Just a bit from my past, I’m not religious but the pipe organ has always been to me an amazing instrument to me.  As a kid in church with my parents I would always sit until the last chord was played at the end of the service, especially if the organist was doing some over the top piece.  That said, the American Boychoir influenced that fascination to a large extent.  My 8th grade room mate was obsessed with organ music and I’m sure went on to be a successful organist somewhere (he was quite good even at 13 years old).  I was browsing the ABS Alum Facebook web site tonight and someone had posted a link to a fellow named Cameron Carpenter doing a recital at Trinity Church in NYC.  Apparently Cameron is a quasi alum of ABS (he left in 7th grade to pursue his organ career) and good lord can this guy play!  Click on the link and then watch the video.  Even if you only make it through the first piece, you will be amazed at his talent.  The coordination required is tremendous.  The pure musicality of his performing is also very apparent.  He knows how to perform as well as how to play!  Just watch it.

Conservatory Stars Organ Festival: Cameron Carpenter

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