The Gales of November

27 10 2007

Well, it’s not November yet but the wind is howling today, a sure sign of things to come.  Today I went up to Glen Arbor to get some groceries and hot coffee at Leelanau Coffee.  On my way back I decided to take a senic drive through Point Onida again.  Most of the trees have lost most of their levaves at this point.  The only ones left are the oak’s and birch trees.  Those tend to hang on until mid November.  Once you get over by the lake though, lots of other trees still have their leaves.  The warmer waters of the lake make lakeshore trees the last to turn.  The wind is really blowing today (I’m getting concerned about the tree that is just resting against another one in my back yard, it will surely fall this winter, lord I hope it misses the garage and the neighbors house!

I stopped down to the beach today and was nearly blown away by the wind.  The water level is up a good 20 feet today as evidenced by the lack of shoreline and the waves on the lake are HUGE.  I’ve uploaded a new photo set today on called The Gales of November.  As we head through this next month, I’ll be adding photos to that set showing the very visual transition from fall into winter up here.  The lake is amazing becuase the seasons are so evident in it.  Here are a couple of pictures from the new set.  Make sure you go vist leelanauphotography for the rest.

Pictures don’t do justice to the power of these waves.  Just a few hunded feet off shore, the swells are a good 10 to 12 feet and this is in a bay or harbor area.  I can only imagine the swells out on the open water today as the wind is a constant 30mph with guests up to 45mph at least!

I edited this one above just a little to bring in a bit more of the color than my camera had origionally captured.  The sky is dark and full of rain although now, as I write this an hour later, the sun has come out and the sky is clearing.  The weather up here is crazy.

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