Back to the Grind

6 11 2007

Well, I had intended tonight to write a long dissertation about how religion has corrupted the very core of our society and I know some of you reading this would love to hear about that but I’ll just say this:  I went to a wedding this weekend in Grand Rapids, a Catholic one, and while I have no issues really with the significance of weddings (I of course would like to have one but alas the country in which I live does not believe I am worthy of such commitment), I have to say that religion seems to fuck it all up with pomp and circumstance which I think distracts all of us from the reason we were all there in the first place which was to support a young couple in their formal union with each other (hows that for a run-on sentence).   I’m just not convinced that God plays a significant enough role in either of their lives (certainly not in mine) to go through all the effort of ritual and rites.  Observing religion from the outside really makes you wonder what it is about faith that draws so many people into that type of lifestyle.  It’s certainly a very SAFE atmosphere, certainly an atmosphere that absolves people from any sort of responsibility for their own lives.  Anyhow enough of that.  Like I’ve said before, I just can’t get passionate about things like I used to.  Mainly because I just don’t care.

So I’ve come to another conclusion about people in a comparison between Grand Rapids and Traverse City.  In Grand Rapids people drive like assholes but they have conviction and at least pretend they have someplace to be.  In Traverse City, people just drive like dumb shits, no, like really dumb shit redneck morons who have no place to go and nothing better to do than pretend they have a clue.  It’s funny, I hated Grand Rapids because of the abundance of arrogant God fearing religious nutcase people residing there.  I hate Traverse City because of the abundance of dip shit, one hand on the rifle in the pickup truck rednecks.   One is an urban nightmare, the other a rural nightmare (it’s only in the winter too that I have such a problem).  CLEARLY I’m the one with the problem here (and I have no issues admitting that I’m being unfair, incredibly stereotypical, and mean) but JESUS H CHRIST am I really an asshole for believing that people should know what they are doing before they get behind the wheel of a car???????  They apparently don’t think so up here.

Anyhow, I’ve got nothing else tonight.  Retail sucks, yada yada, yada.  People are stupid.




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7 11 2007

What are you doing???!!!!! Do you need a change, or maybe you like being misrable? Hmmmmmm…..I do like your comments on religion. It’s not good for anything. Sorry if this was harsh, but I’m your little sister and I can be blunt 🙂

7 11 2007

No, I don’t like being miserable, but I do need a change. Not in my job though but in my independence. I think living with people who are not significant to me makes me irritable and grumpy because I have to constantly think about how my actions and behavior affects them although clearly they could give a shit about how theirs affects ME. WHY do I ALWAYS have to be the nice guy? MOM AND DAD: WHY DID YOU RAISE SUCH A RESPECTABLE KID????????????

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