Gift Idea!!!

12 11 2007

I hate stereotypes…..

Sorry, no, I LOVE stereotypes. That type of humor sends me into hysterics. The Drawn Together / Family Guy type. Ok well even though I live in this little shit town and don’t have access to the massive VIACOM conglomerate TV stations since I can’t get digital cable, I have found a new cartoon that I need to have the season 1 DVD of. First, you have to visit the web site before you get me the video to see it. It’s on the LOGO network (the gay and lesbian channel operated by MTV) When I see it I am brought to me knees because it is so Jirar and Me (although he’d never admit to it).

Rick and Steve

Rick and Steve – Happiest Gay Couple

Anyhow, watch some of the video clips.  I think they are crazy funny but maybe because the humor speaks to my world and plays on stereotypes in my world.  So, (sister), the DVD of season one of this cartoon would be a great Christmas gift!




2 responses

12 11 2007

You’re awesome! I love people who tell me exactly what they want 🙂 You stereotypical gay man (not really- my god you work at Menards- a man’s store) Although I stereotyped a man there the other day. He had a lisp and I wondered if he was gay. Damn our culture! Another reason why you need to move to Marshalltown. I’m not sure if that made any sense.

13 11 2007

Also- I’m thinking of using Zenfolio (the basic program) because I like it a lot better than Flicker. Do you want to make a referral, or how does that work. I read about it on the website. I think you would get a credit and I would get like $5 off my subscription. Let me know what you think.

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