Watch Out!!

16 11 2007

Watch Out!

I found this picture in my archive of KD and Pooh. KD (the little one in the front) is actually a very affectionate cat. It is very rare that I can sit down and the computer with our her in my lap. Pooh (the orange one in the back) is just a big fat lazy Pooh Bear (hence his name). He sleeps on my head at night.




2 responses

17 11 2007

David- I can’t view your picture becuse it says “Content Protected by Owner.” I’m setting up Zenfolio today 🙂

19 11 2007

HI again- I have a question about Zenfolio. Why are there orange folders and blue folders? I undertand that one is galleries and the others are collections, but do I have to have both? What I really need to know is can I add photos to an orange folder down the road? I think I tried it and it didn’t work. Thanks!

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