The Run to Black Friday

20 11 2007

Well, the holiday season has officially started for me.  We have received all the merchandise slated to be offered to the consumerist drones the day after Thanksgiving and I am running around at work trying to make sure things are ready to be set properly to achieve the highest efficiency in gross profit dollars.  Well, not really.  The shit in my department just pulls you in.  Since you are already there, why not buy…. pick your highest gross margin item and push it.  I’ve got the sales thing down well but I’ll never be a car salesman.

Anyhow, the family is off in Iowa as Sarah is making a valiant effort to cook a bird this year.  I just hope they have a large enough oven and that the bird is dead first.  Yes Sarah, even for a PETA sympathizer, you must kill the bird first, then eat it.  I joke.  I get to spend Thanksgiving SLEEPING finally.  I’ve been god awful tired lately and I’m getting a little burned out.  I like my job but I hate the hours I’m required to work.  12-14 hour days are not good on my body not to mention my mind.  Unless I want to demote myself, that type of schedule won’t ever change either, it will only get worse.  Oh well.


I am always reminded of games during the holidays.  Found this on the net the other day.  This one (although the box was different when I was a child and didn’t look like the above which was before my time) was fun.  I had the electronic battleship game that made all kinds of noise.  I won’t be playing games this Thanksgiving but I’m sure we will get around to them over Christmas!




One response

22 11 2007

HAHAHA! Yes the bird is dead, and even thawing. We’ll call you on Thanksgiving- I wish you could be here! I’ll eat your portion. Do you have snow there? We got a couple inches today. Love ya!

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