Here we go again

22 11 2007

Every year around the time when we get our first major snow fall I ask myself, why am I living in a county full of old people who even on a great summer day can’t drive for shit???!!!!  Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I hate driving in snow and I’ll do just about anything I can to avoid it.  Especially up here because if it’s snowing after 9PM it ain’t getting plowed until 8am the next day!!  BUT, there is cautious driving and then there is just plain dumb shit cautious driving.  I was stuck for 8 miles tonight on what is reasonably the straightest road in the county behind some 90 year old doing (I kid you not) at best 20mph.  Well, you ask, if the road is straight why didn’t you just pass him?  Ahh, the joys of loosing your sight in old age and still believing you have the ability to drive a car!  This idiot was all over the road.  In both lanes, speeding up, slowing down.  I had to back way off (after deliberately scaring the shit out of him to force him to pay attention, which actually improved the situation believe it or not, most of the time it just pisses them off which, most of the time is my goal) just so that I wouldn’t die if he slid off the road.  So, here is my question to him:  Why are you not in Florida with  the rest of the grumpy old men? Hey, it’s my blog, I  can be an ass if I want to be, you’re reading this because you are interested, not because I somehow forced you to.  When I’m 80 I hope to god someone takes away my license AND my car because then I can justify the expense of a chauffeur.  Now I’ll leave you with this, a reflection of certain people with whom I will be dealing with first hand come Friday Morning.  Think Traverse City is high class?  Better think again.  This ‘sterotype’ is way too common up here, especially in the winter.  Remind me to be sure I wear a tie next time I visit Wal-mart.






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