Over and Done

24 11 2007

Well, Black Friday has come and gone and this was a rather shitty year. We were at best HALF as busy as we were last year with only a first mad dash at 6am and then it just died off about 3 hours into it. Last year, the parking lot was full and we were slammed until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Not so this year. We were busy but nothing like in years past. People just don’t have the extra money this year. With gas at $3.20 a gallon and lots of people without work, this is going to be a depressing holiday for some. It didn’t help today that the weather was not good on Thanksgiving which made the roads bad this morning. I saw a pretty bad accident on the way to work today, a big SUV upside down, likely driving too fast on an already dangerous road. I hope nobody was seriously hurt but at the same time I don’t have a lot of sympathy. 90% of accidents can be prevented simply by paying attention. Unfortunately too many people are just too unable to do so.

Well now we head into the Christmas season. I’ll be interested to see how this season goes. I’ve got the house decorated for Christmas except for the tree which Jirar is going to help me decorate when he is home next. I did find out yesterday that I am going to be an Uncle. Yes, sister Sarah and Brian are now expecting. This has been part of their master plan for some time, and I am very happy for them. A child will of course bring much happiness and many challenges. At least now they can justify the nursery they’ve set up in their home and the work they went through to obtain baby crib parts. From my point of view there are also many advantages of being an uncle. At the end of the day, I get to say bye, bye. Have fun getting him to sleep now! They get to change the diaper. I get to give the child toys and gifts, they get to explain why it’s important to write thank you notes. At this point in my life I don’t see any children of my own in the picture so I have no problems being the goofy gay uncle. Congrats Sarah and Brian, you can expect that Jirar and I will spoil this kid silly.

So tonight, after a few beers I’ll leave you with this video. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad don’t have high speed internet so hopfully they will watch this video before they leave Iowa. Dad especailly will get a kick out of the vengeful COW!




One response

26 11 2007

Oh my god. That was so funny! I showed mom and dad before they left- they loved it too. I love YouTube. I’ll write more later- it’s past my bed time. heehee.

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