If writers write, how come fingers don’t fing?

25 11 2007

From pervious posts, you’ve learned that I get a kick out of the misuse of the English language. One thing (among others) that I can thank my parents for is their insistence that I learn to speak correctly. In particular that I know the difference between slang and proper English and when it’s OK to use one or the other. There are far too many Americans who don’t know or understand this difference. I’ll be the first to admit that “YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE” is far more powerful a statement than “YOU’RE A MEAN PERSON” but there are certain times when the latter is more appropriate than the former. Notice also the use of contraction. I get a kick out of those too. You’re = YOU ARE. YOUR = shows possession to something such as that is YOUR mistake. Anyhow, since I have no life, I spend a lot of time wandering around the internet. I came across this web site yesterday that further explains some of the complexities of the English language. In particular it exposes some rather stupid conundrums such as why there is HAM in HAMBURGER?????

Logic and the English Language




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