Live Blogging the YouTube Republican Debate

29 11 2007

I was going to do some live blogging on the CNN / YouTube debate but you can just go to YouTube and watch these fools for yourself.

Republican Debate

OK, here are my comments. I watched the entire debate, much to the chagrin of my Roommate who is so opinionated she was in hysterics that I could even watch these weasels on TV let alone have any sort of opinion different from hers. I think that Ron Paul was by far the front runner in this debate. While he keeps claiming to be a Republican, he is most certainly a libertarian in many of his views. He’s making the other canidates really work for their positions and that’s what I like to see. He was also the one person who did not get a chance to respond to the 2 gay issue questions that were asked. Of the canidates who answered those questions, none of them strayed from the party line. On Gays in the military: Nope, none will have it since it would affect unit “Cohesion”. On support for the Log Cabin Republicans (gay republican lobby group in Washington), it was fun to watch them squirm. In particular you should watch this video below of a decorated general who is also Gay. They completely dodged his question. Fools.




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