Weekend Off

8 12 2007

Finally, I have a weekend off.  I’m not sure what I’m excited for, I have tons of shit that I have to get done around the house but I’m pretty board right now at work, I’m glad to get out of there when I can.  This is going to be a dreadful winter for retail.  Just based on the really pathetic sales we’ve had so far I don’t even want to think about what January and February will bring.  There are no holidays in those months to bring people in, nobody is going to start building, hell, nobody even goes outside unless they absolutely have to.

Jirar was home for a couple days this past week.  Now he’s off in Canada.  He’s been able to get a lot more work lately and that’s good because money is tight.  I miss him though, seeing him only once a month for a couple days is a little hard especially considering I’m the one stuck with a difficult roommate (I won’t even get into that right now).

Well, not sure I will write again until the first part of the week but I’ll leave you with a couple of funny pictures.  Rather than blogging, I’ve been surfing the internet for random shit.  I’ve amassed quite a collection of funny pictures lately.

What’s Wrong with America?

What the hell is wrong with this country?



I just thought the above was crazy funny!




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