Flanders Fields

18 12 2007

Ok, you might recall back nearly a year ago I posted a video on this blog from a choir called Libera. My biggest complaint about this boychoir at the time was the fabricated sound of their singing. Today I take back what I said and I’ll even go so far as to suggest that this choir needs a little more press. I was in Boarders the other day and found their newest album which happened to be hooked up to the headphones. Its a live recording and it is stunning. I like this style of music to a certain extent however they still do some crappy new age renditions of classical works that should have been left alone. Putting drums with a classic hymn is tragic. So is adding lyrics to orchestral works. They are crowd pleaser’s and it sells records. The choir itself consists only of 12 to 15 boys and by those standards, it is a choir of soloists but their blend and balance is awesome. They are indeed well trained, no matter how cheesy.

Check out their web site here. They record for EMI which in the music world is a big deal for any artist, especially true for a cathedral choir. Some of their recordings are listed on their web site and you can listen to exceprts if you have a good internet connection.

Also check out their EMI web site with info on the live album.

Around this time of year I usually go back to my roots of being a boychoir fanatic and it quickly fades again after the holidays. I guess I’m getting old.




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19 12 2007

I’ve visited this live performance in May in leiden, Holland…It was magical !
What harmonic & wellbalanced effort of boys only between 7 and 14 which vary also all the time ! This is all the work of Robert Prizeman which guides also BBC’s Songs of Praise and always finds big talents from all over Britain ! Visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/programmes/songsofpraise/ & watch BBC1 !
Visit also their best fan-site”: http://libera-dreams.com/index.php

PS| Most songs are about faith & in latin…nice words ! Try to translate !

4 03 2011

If you love Libera join the number one fan site in the uk, and across the world:


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