WTF – Reality TV has gone to Hell in a Holiday Handbasket

18 12 2007

So I’m sitting here watching TV and what comes on?  A commercial for a choir competition.  Great!  Something I might be able to tolerate.  OK, this show is nothing short of SHIT!  I’ll admit that I have a passion for a certain type of choir (not necessarily boys choirs either) but now 10 minutes into it, I’m sitting here listening to Nick Lachey’s (of the boy band 98 degrees) ego trip.  The premise of this show is that 5 celebrity pop singers are to create a choir in their home towns and the winning choir of the competition will get $500,000 to give to a home town charity of their choice.  Not a bad premise but they SUCK!  My training suggests that a choir should consist of many voices coming together as one, that no choir should sound like a bunch of wanna-be soloists.  That’s what we got here folks.  100 people screeching LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, I’M ON TV!  I had to turn it off before I threw up.  The Daily Show is much better.




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