DIY Warning Signs

19 12 2007

If you have not already figured it out, I really enjoy stupid signs that are put up to inform stupid people of stupid things.  I like it even better when signs are posted stating the obvious and then making fun of it.  I used to think that there were only a few stupid people in the world.  Then I started really working in retail.  There are A LOT of stupid people in the world and I get to spend my day dealing with them.  I generally don’t like to talk shit about people and at least on this blog I can be vague enough not to implicate anyone in particular but it just amazes me how dumb people are.  I spent my day off making up a brochure for work that I am going to hand out when people rent a certain piece of machinery from us.  In it, I explain in detail what’s OK to do with this machine and what isn’t OK to do.  Invariably, I’ll get someone who asks why they can’t do something.  The best ones are those who read and clearly understand the what they can and can’t do and then they do what they shouldn’t do anyway.  “I didn’t think you’d say anything”.  DUMBASS!  I have only one allegiance.  My employer because they pay my bills.  Just because we are friendly with each other doesn’t mean I’m going to cut you a break if you fuck up my employer’s equipment!  Don’t be stupid people.





One response

22 12 2007

Heeeheeehee. Funny sign. I can’t wait to see you! We’ll be to the cottage on Christmas day probably late afternoonish. I hope I’ll stop throwing up by then. It’s been a rough week- ugh. See you soon!

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