Lucky Strike!

22 12 2007

I ripped the picture below off of someone else’s blog but I could not resist posting it here. Today marks 3 full months of being smoke free. I’ve saved approximately $450.00 not buying a pack a day and of course I’ve saved a little of my life too. Thanks to Mom and Dad for caring enough to buy patches for me and to put up with me while I have changed habits and routines. While I thrive on change, at the same time I hate it and I am a very routine person. It is no small task to completely re-think the way you go about dealing with your day without smoking especially when that habit was one I had for the better part of 15 years. I still get little urges now and then and from my discussions with former smokers, I likely always will but in the past 3 months I have learned what I personally need to do when I have those urges and I know that I can deal with them. While I have quit in the past, I never really had all that much of an incentive to stay smoke free. I just enjoyed smoking and at that time I didn’t really want to give it up that badly (or I would have). Now things have changed, I’m older, wiser, and quite honestly, fairly poor right now. Those 3 things are well worth the commitment it’s taken to now stay smoke free the rest of my life.

Now then, Christmas fast approaches (just 3 days away now). I’ll be posting daily at the very least a holiday picture or 2 for you all to laugh at.




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