For the Family

23 12 2007

I could not let this holiday pass without recognizing what has become a fixture in our family this time of year.  My Mom in her collecting zeal, has amassed a huge collection of rather pretty glass ornaments.  Rightfully, these can not be put on a Christmas tree for fear of them falling off and breaking.  As well, they can’t really be seen on a tree either.  When we were kids, this was accomplished in Grand Rapids via a “Polish Light”. (yes ethnic humor is not lost in our family, even though from what I know we aren’t Polish)  This was a rather dated dining room light that allowed Mom to hang her more valuable ornaments out of reach of us kids (and Dad) when we were young and later away from the paws of cats.   Sadly, the “Polish Light” had to be replaced as Mom and Dad decided to put the house on the market to sell.  Dated fixtures do not sell homes, thus, the light and the pretty glass ornaments went into storage along with lots of other things until this year.  Now that the Cottage has been fully remodeled and turned into a home, it can be properly decorated for Christmas with Mom’s elaborate touches. (Sarah and Brian, you did well with your decorations in the pre-remodel days too, but neither of you is anal retentive enough to pull this off as tastefully as Mom can).   It was assumed that the Polish Light would never be replaced by anything.  Perhaps that era had passed and the glass ornaments would be placed on the tree this year.  Not so.  What you see below is the New Polish Light.  This one is of course missing a light but it has all the features of the old Polish Light and it’s actually better looking.  So, here’s to to you Mom,  a creative thinker with a keen eye and your not Polish to boot.  I’d better watch the Polish jabs up here in the Northwoods.  I might end up their Polka Fest Queen.





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