Piracy, Morals and The Need for Change

24 12 2007

I feel the need to weigh in on this as I’ve been asked a couple of times lately and I think it’s high time we consumers start demanding change rather than be told how we should and should not be getting our media.  First, read the article linked below.  People my age are not all pirates and hackers.  We don’t go about our days intending to steal or otherwise defame or discredit musicians, actors, or for that mater even the distributors.  What we want is easy access to media in the format of our choice at prices we think are reasonable.

Here’s an example:  I will go into a store and pay $12.99 for a CD any day of the week.  With that CD I am getting at least 12 songs, a professionally printed CD jacket, lyrics, liner notes, a jewel case and assurance that the artist who made the CD is getting a cut of the profits.

Now I go online and look for the same CD but now in mp3 format.  What do I get here?  I get the same 12 songs which are now protected with an archaic DRM (digital rights management) software that prohibits me from playing those mp3 files on the player of my choice.  I don’t get liner notes, I don’t get lyrics, a jewel case, and I have no assurance that the artist has received anything from my purchase.  On top of that, I’ve paid $.99 a song which multiplied out is $11.88 for a CD and I’ve received NOTHING similar to what I would have got had I just bought the CD at a store.

This is bullshit.  I will never admit here to downloading music on line but I have all the symphony in the world for those people who do.  $.99 a song is BULLSHIT.  Bring that price down to $.50 a song and we’ll talk.  Better yet, keep the price at $.99 and once I download the song, SEND ME A FUCKING HARD COPY OF THE CD IN THE MAIL with liner notes, a jewel case and a solid assurance that the artist has received  some sort of cut from the sale.

I don’t tend to like the big media companies.  I am a salesman so I can’t say too much because I get the tactics and I know the game but I’m also a fair person.  Until big media gets with the program and starts offering music and video at reasonable prices online for downloading, people are going to continue to steal.  I don’t condone stealing but you had better either make me a deal or tell me what on earth I should be paying that much for.  I want things in the format of my choice and at my convenience.  I AM THE CONSUMER, I MAKE THE DECISIONS!  You need to change your business model and come in to the 21st century.   Want to get rid of piracy?  Than start paying attention to consumers.

Piracy, Morals and The Need for Change | TorrentFreak

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