On Speednet and High Speed Internet Access

28 12 2007

I got a reply on my letter to the editor posted in my blog here regarding my comments on Speednet and was asked to elaborate. I still have not sent that in to the editor yet. Whtch out, this is long. See here and here

I’ve left a comment on the Enterprise Blogs regarding high speed internet and for the sake of new readers, I am looking for a high speed internet solution in Leelanau County. What this county has now is pathetic. In Cleavland Township (only) Centurytel offers DSL. Max download speed is 1.5mps via a DSL connection that works some of the time. Standard is 756kbs for $45 a month (which is very high priced for what you get). From Grelicksville up to Suttons Bay AT&T offers DSL. Again, the max download is 1.5mbs for around the same price but that is only along the M-22 corridor and NOWHERE else because that is where they have upgraded their infrastructure to accommodate DSL. My problem is with the facts above. In a county that comprises a VERY small land area, only 2 places offer access to high speed internet. I happen to live in Cleveland Township, my father does not and thus has to suffer with dial up at the moment. My Aunt lives in Suttons Bay. I want an answer from Leelanau County as to why high speed internet access is elusive in the rest of the county and I want to know what is being done RIGHT NOW to address the issue. Not what is planned for the future, WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT THIS MINUTE???????

As for the reader who commented, if you work for SpeedNet, I’d like to know what you can do for me. According to your web site my Father’s home is within an acceptable range for your satellite system. I’d love you to email me and tell me how I can get him set up using Speed net. If you’re a dealer, there are at least 4-5 others in the same small area that you might be able to make some money on if you can provide what your web site says you can. 1.5mbs at $35 a month. That’s a freaking deal at the moment and so far better than any of your competitors can offer. I can bet that you make your money by signing up new customers. I’ve got at least 1 lead for you (my father) and perhaps others. I work in sales, leads are important, you might want to jump on this bandwagon.

I am sick and tired of living in what is by every small stretch a wealthy county and yet day after day, I continue to see examples of life in the 18th century! In Cleveland Township, I live in what Charter Communications calls a DIGITAL zone but I’ve had techs out here 4 times and they have YET to to establish a DIGITAL connection on my cable. If I were not giving up on my lease in 6 months, I’d be switching to satellite tomorrow. I am stuck with basic analog cable because none of them can figure out their own technology. Additionally, Centurytel offers DSL up to 7mbs download in many of their markets but yet in Leelanu, I have only 2 options 756kbs or 1.5mbs. Without going out on a limb, this is called corporate fascism.

My interest in Speednet is this: You have a major opportunity to establish high speed internet access throughout this county via your satellite system and you pretty much have a captive market if you can get your hands on it right now. If your web site is accurate, you will be able to provide access to nearly every area which is completely undeserved by existing utilities and you can do so for LESS MONEY then they could ever dream about. You have the opportunity to push them right the fuck out of here. Since the big companies are pretty much laughing at anyone who asks, I’d like to see you come in a push them out just to spite them. They’ve had years to make this technology available and they have FAILED. Those who can’t compete LOOSE. As is obvious, I appreciate competition, I don’t like corporate fascism but when there are no viable options to begin with I will accept a monopoly until someone comes in and does it better than you.

I was asked to elaborate on the 88 foot tower comment, a man in Leelanau is using Speednet’s competition for line of sight satellite out of Petoskey. He paid for it’s construction and for his access because he needs it for his job. What he built is legal according to FCC rules which trump local zoning laws. People living around him are pissed because they have to see this tower. He doesn’t give a shit how he gets his internet access, only that he has to have it and he should not have to move somewhere else to get it. He did what he had to do legally to get what he had to have. Now the county has an opportunity to look at the issue. I have stated that I’m ready to build my 88 foot tower to get what I want since nobody in this county will help me get it and the county is too complacent to bother taking action on zoning to prevent me from doing it. Do you really think that people in this county with expendable money are going to sit on their ass and wait for the county to figure their shit out? I didn’t think so.

Obviously I have opinions and I have absolutely nothing to loose by being as loud and arrogant about them as possible but this county would do well to listen to them. You can not survive on retirees who know nothing about computers and the internet and second home vacationers alone. You must consider those of us who live here all year long and who have grown up with the technology that we can’t get in Leelanau right now. I am 33 years young and I expect more out of the county government that I PAY and out of the companies that do business in this county. The future of this county as a viable economy lies with us and you have the opportunity to make this tourist economy work. You’ve failed so far, are you willing to look at the future or do you want to continue to live in the past??????????? I will galady debate anyone on these issues. I don’t care if you don’t like development and that you want your pretty little county to stay undeveloped. You can not prevent growth and development, It is a reality. You can only guide it so that it is done CORRECTLY and RESPONSIBLY which is my goal. I hope to hell I’m just an uninformed opinionated asshole. If so, FILL ME IN, show me the money, what do you have to offer?




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28 12 2007

You sound like a crybaby liberal that does not believe in competition and thinks that the government is here to get you want you want…..

{Jeff Sounds like a grumpy old man who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas…why don’t you finish your thought dip shit, I’d be happy to debate you right here so you can embarrass yourself. Why don’t you start by explaining to me WHO the competitors are in Leelanau and WHY I don’t have a choice right now when it comes to high speed internet access, I’d LOVE competition…if we actually had any}

17 02 2008


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15 07 2008

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8 05 2009

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