Work Insanity

29 01 2008

Well, going on 7 days now without a day off.  Seems my assistant has come down with the flu.  How convenient.  I don’t really have issues with my team members who are sick or claim to be sick.  If you really are sick, stay home and get better, you won’t be very productive at work if you can’t see straight.  If you aren’t really sick, I’d rather you stay home too since in order to pretend you are sick, you’ve already created a negative aura around yourself just to play that game so I’d rather you not contaminate the rest of my team by bringing it to work with you.  Meanwhile, I get to pick up your slack either way and make a mental note of how you will eventually re-pay the favor.  I’ve flexible as long as it doesn’t get out of hand such as it did this past summer.  I won’t work 80 hour weeks with no days off again in the near future unless I do so voluntarily.  Fortunately the store manager who “expected” that from me because I am the manager who needs to run the department because in his view my team members were all ignorant is no longer at my store.  Any one of my team members could run my department.  I’ve trained them all to do it and do it correctly.  There is NO need for me to work that hard when I have people to do it for me.

Just an update on Jirar and me.  After a 3 hour phone conversation we were able to meet on some common ground with each other and things will be continuing on as normal for now.  We are still  not in the same place as we were 6 months ago but I’m not sure how we really could be, things are different now.  We both have adjusting to do and in the same breath, we both have decisions about life in general we need to make.  Some of those decisions are individualistic decisions, some of them are us as a couple decisions.  Nobody needs to freak out right now.

Thought I would leave you with a picture I found in the archive.  The sun was out yesterday for the first time in quite a while here.  This photo was not taken yesterday but I was reminded of how much blue sky’s and sun can play a HUGE part in my mood.  I’m much happier when the sun is out.  This is from the tall grasses in my yard, this is how they look at the end of the season and into winter.  Really pretty to look at.  Enjoy.


I HATE CARS! (and money)

29 01 2008

When it rains it really fucking rains hard!  Today I had to blow $500 on a new Alternator for my car.  Thank GOD for my life financiers (Mom and Dad) that they were willing and able to help me right now.  Thank god it’s tax season too otherwise my car would still be in the parking lot at Francisco’s since I could never afford to pay them back.  Took it in to WILLIAMS today in Traverse City.  I heard nothing but horror stories today from my co-workers about how they have been ripped off over and over again by this dealership.  Seems to be a very common thread up here in red neck land.  People get ripped off over and over again.  In reality that tells me 2 things could be going on.  Either the majority of people up here are crooks, liars, and thieves, or the people who live up here are just plain naive and REALLY easy to take advantage of.  In reality it’s likely a combination of both sides.  I think that if there were another dealership within a convenient distance, the dealers would not rip people off on parts and labor.  Anyhow, everyone was nice enough (my problem likely paid for someone’s vacation) but I would be happy to not need a car someday.

No Clowning Around

22 01 2008

As promised.  All of these pictures are ripped off from other web sites.  90% of them don’t give credit to anyone so if these are your pictures, let me know and I’ll attribute them to you or remove them.  These are all over the internet so I’m going to go with public domain at this point for most all of them although McDonald’s might have grounds for trademark infringement.  Na, they wouldn’t, too much bad publicity.  Those of you with SLOW connections will want to sit back and let these pictures load up for a minute.





And finally, just because it’s fucking funny:  Gotta love our road crews.


Road Rage

21 01 2008

I was going through some pictures tonight that I’ve acquired in the last several months and noticed that I had a few of them related to whacked out road signs.  Here are a few of them for your amusement.   Tomorrow, (or sooner) Ronald McDonald will visit this blog!!


So few brain cells

19 01 2008

Finally, I have a weekend off and a vacation day and Jirar is coming home for a couple days FINALLY!!!!!  This will be the first time I’ve seen him since Thanksgiving, I am excited to see him.

Tonight I am just sitting around doing nothing, listening to my dreadful roommate try to figure out how to put a log into the wood stove (and apparently not being very successful).  I have spent tonight reading some of the “consumer complaint” web sites out there.  In particular, I’ve been reading consumer complaints about my employer and I am just amazed by the complete ignorance of consumers and their firm belief of entitlement!  Complaints about return policies, complaints about the terms and conditions of special order CONTRACTS (do people not know what contacts are anymore???), and other very random complaints about how they felt my employer has ripped them off or done something to fuck them over.  Out of the 100 or so complaints I read about my employer, I think only 1 of them might have been a legitimate complaint.  The rest were problems that the CONSUMER CAUSED and then expected my employer to fix for them!  Unfortunatly, this is typical.  I see this in the store on a daily basis.  People make a poor choice and then expect someone else to fix it for them rather than admit their mistake.  I just don’t understand the entitlement aspect of it and I hate to say it but you baby boomer’s are the absolute WORST when it comes to that attitude.  NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING so quit thinking they do.  I don’t know what it is about the 50-70 year old generation but I’ll be damed if they don’t all think the world owes them some sort of favor.  I am happy to help people out but I am in no way REQUIRED to fix your mistakes!!!  You made them, you fucking fix them!  Here is a picture of the general consumer who complains.  What is wrong with this picture here?  Look really close.


Well I heard the vaccumme cleaner going downstairs for the first time since my roommate moved in tonight.  I don’t think I had ever seen her use it.  I’ve done it for her but maybe she is starting to get a clue.  No, I doubt it.  I get to spend my day tomorrow cleaning the rest of the house so Jirar doesn’t come home to a mess.  I need to do some laundry and clean up the kitchen (rather I get to clean up the mess my roommate has ONCE AGAIN left behind).   I just don’t understand why it is SO fucking difficult to just clean up after yourself.  You know I tell other people about my situation and they stop me because they think I’m just being a mean person (Lord I wish it was that simple) but then I go on and tell them more and they come to understand that I’m not being mean at all.  I am only demanding the things that any other normal person would. I do NOT think it is unreasonable to expect people to pick up after themselves.  I do NOT think it is unreasonable to expect people to shower every now and then.  I do NOT think it is unreasonable to expect people to not invade personal living space or private areas without permission.  I do NOT think it is unreasonable to expect people to take care of their pets, feed them, water them, and clean them when necessary.  I do NOT think it is unreasonable to expect people to put their garbage IN the trash can or to periodically go through the refrigerator and GET RID OF expired items.  I could go on and on with this.  The short of this situation is that I lost my patience a while ago with this situation and it will not continue beyond the end of this lease.  I will NOT live with anyone other than my partner Jirar at any point in the future.  If we can’t afford where we live then we move.  End of story.  I will NOT have a roommate again.  EVER.


Watch out, here they come!!

13 01 2008

Swim team impales fetal pigs on rivals’ car antennas

Are you fucking kidding me? Read more from DES MOINES Iowa. It’s OK Sarah and Brian, surely your child will grow up far more civilized and will understand that to get back at teammates, public embarrassment and ridicule is far more effective, not to mention cleaner, than playing with the body parts of dead animals.

I could see this sort of thing going on up here in the north woods except up here these would be feral pigs rather than fetal pigs and the team playing with the pig parts would be members of Larry’s Bowling Team vs. the Hooters Mud Wrestling referees (2 groups of 30 year old unemployed men, rather than 2 groups of 15 year old school boys).  Some people just never grow up do they.



10 01 2008

I’ve had a rather goofy week this week.  I’ve been contacted through by 3 random people from my past (2 from the Boychoir School and 1 from High School), I’ve had 2 people try to get me involved in new marketing business startups (sorry, no I don’t care to venture into the MLM arena at this time), I’ve been whistled at like a dog at work by no fewer than 3 ornery old fucks with no social skills, and I was offered an opportunity to promote at work which I had to turn down because I’m not ready to leave Leelanau yet.  On top of that, it’s only Wednesday so I’ve got the rest of the week here to go!

This new year is starting out on an interesting note but the only thing I give a shit about right now is how difficult the factor of time and distance is for Jirar and me right now.  I’ve not been able to see him since before Thanksgiving and now it looks like it will be into February before we have another opportunity to see each other.  After 10 years together, the only thing I can say is this Sucks with a capitol S.  Neither of us thought it would be as difficult as it’s turning out to be.   So, I just keep going day to day trying to deal with an obnoxious roommate whose financial help is not helping much at all and don’t even get me started about work.  It can hardly be called a job right now since nobody up here is even shopping anymore.  This economy fucking sucks!

So I spent tonight creating listings for eBay.  I’ve got a bunch of things I’ll be putting up for auction soon.  I’ll keep you posted but as for family, don’t buy these things, I’m getting rid of them, I don’t want to inherit them again sometime down the road!! If you really want to buy any of the items, I’ll gladly sell them to you but please don’t give them back to me.  I have to start thinning down this house.  I have too much shit and it needs to just disappear.  I’m not willing to just give it away for free.  I need the money and lord knows I’ve got plenty of time to screw around with eBay.

Here’s another picture for you. I thought this was pretty funny.  Now Sarah and Brian don’t freak out.  Iowa appears to be part of Dumbfuckistan but remember you are not native to that part of the country.  Your birth place will always be Michigan which at least right now is still part of America.  It’s where you are born that counts you know. =)


I’ve been following some of the politics lately from the Iowa Caucus to the Hew Hampshire primary.  In the words of Thom Hartman (Talk Left Sirius Radio), is America more racist or is it more misogynistic?  Clearly this race will be between a black man and a woman.  The Republicans don’t have much of a chance at this point unless something major changes.  I think it’s awesome that finally we’ve come to a point in this country where it is perfectly acceptable for EITHER to be our president (some of the back woods boys up here clearly don’t however – racist, sexist, inbreeders that they are).  Anyhow, the Michigan Primary is coming up shortly, I’ll be interested to see how that turns out.