Historical Preservation

6 01 2008

So last night, I spent some time playing with the scanner and some of my old photographs. I’ve started a gallery on leelanauphotography for some “historical preservation”. 99% of the pictures I have are of me so the vanity isn’t on purpose but it’s no secret that I have an ego, some of these old pictures are crazy funny. The parents are going through all the old photo books and sorting them out for Sarah and me. That’s their winter project this year. There will eventually be lots of pictures in that gallery, hopefully Sarah will do the same with her batch and put them on Divatime, once Dad gets high speed, maybe I can teach him to do the same with all his old photos too. These will give Sarah’s child something to laugh at seeing us both dressed up in plaid, polyester, valuer bell bottom suits (OK well maybe not that bad). Enjoy the picture below, I’m about 6 or 7 in this picture I think, pretty certain I did not want to be holding those fish! I think this is the only time I ever caught anything in Lake Leelanau, I’ll have to ask my parents if I enjoyed eating them or not. Considering I don’t care for fish now, probably not.

David the Fisher



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