10 01 2008

I’ve had a rather goofy week this week.  I’ve been contacted through Facebook.com by 3 random people from my past (2 from the Boychoir School and 1 from High School), I’ve had 2 people try to get me involved in new marketing business startups (sorry, no I don’t care to venture into the MLM arena at this time), I’ve been whistled at like a dog at work by no fewer than 3 ornery old fucks with no social skills, and I was offered an opportunity to promote at work which I had to turn down because I’m not ready to leave Leelanau yet.  On top of that, it’s only Wednesday so I’ve got the rest of the week here to go!

This new year is starting out on an interesting note but the only thing I give a shit about right now is how difficult the factor of time and distance is for Jirar and me right now.  I’ve not been able to see him since before Thanksgiving and now it looks like it will be into February before we have another opportunity to see each other.  After 10 years together, the only thing I can say is this Sucks with a capitol S.  Neither of us thought it would be as difficult as it’s turning out to be.   So, I just keep going day to day trying to deal with an obnoxious roommate whose financial help is not helping much at all and don’t even get me started about work.  It can hardly be called a job right now since nobody up here is even shopping anymore.  This economy fucking sucks!

So I spent tonight creating listings for eBay.  I’ve got a bunch of things I’ll be putting up for auction soon.  I’ll keep you posted but as for family, don’t buy these things, I’m getting rid of them, I don’t want to inherit them again sometime down the road!! If you really want to buy any of the items, I’ll gladly sell them to you but please don’t give them back to me.  I have to start thinning down this house.  I have too much shit and it needs to just disappear.  I’m not willing to just give it away for free.  I need the money and lord knows I’ve got plenty of time to screw around with eBay.

Here’s another picture for you. I thought this was pretty funny.  Now Sarah and Brian don’t freak out.  Iowa appears to be part of Dumbfuckistan but remember you are not native to that part of the country.  Your birth place will always be Michigan which at least right now is still part of America.  It’s where you are born that counts you know. =)


I’ve been following some of the politics lately from the Iowa Caucus to the Hew Hampshire primary.  In the words of Thom Hartman (Talk Left Sirius Radio), is America more racist or is it more misogynistic?  Clearly this race will be between a black man and a woman.  The Republicans don’t have much of a chance at this point unless something major changes.  I think it’s awesome that finally we’ve come to a point in this country where it is perfectly acceptable for EITHER to be our president (some of the back woods boys up here clearly don’t however – racist, sexist, inbreeders that they are).  Anyhow, the Michigan Primary is coming up shortly, I’ll be interested to see how that turns out.




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