Watch out, here they come!!

13 01 2008

Swim team impales fetal pigs on rivals’ car antennas

Are you fucking kidding me? Read more from DES MOINES Iowa. It’s OK Sarah and Brian, surely your child will grow up far more civilized and will understand that to get back at teammates, public embarrassment and ridicule is far more effective, not to mention cleaner, than playing with the body parts of dead animals.

I could see this sort of thing going on up here in the north woods except up here these would be feral pigs rather than fetal pigs and the team playing with the pig parts would be members of Larry’s Bowling Team vs. the Hooters Mud Wrestling referees (2 groups of 30 year old unemployed men, rather than 2 groups of 15 year old school boys).  Some people just never grow up do they.





One response

17 01 2008

I read about that! They should be shot- that’s wayyyy to disgusting!

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