I HATE CARS! (and money)

29 01 2008

When it rains it really fucking rains hard!  Today I had to blow $500 on a new Alternator for my car.  Thank GOD for my life financiers (Mom and Dad) that they were willing and able to help me right now.  Thank god it’s tax season too otherwise my car would still be in the parking lot at Francisco’s since I could never afford to pay them back.  Took it in to WILLIAMS today in Traverse City.  I heard nothing but horror stories today from my co-workers about how they have been ripped off over and over again by this dealership.  Seems to be a very common thread up here in red neck land.  People get ripped off over and over again.  In reality that tells me 2 things could be going on.  Either the majority of people up here are crooks, liars, and thieves, or the people who live up here are just plain naive and REALLY easy to take advantage of.  In reality it’s likely a combination of both sides.  I think that if there were another dealership within a convenient distance, the dealers would not rip people off on parts and labor.  Anyhow, everyone was nice enough (my problem likely paid for someone’s vacation) but I would be happy to not need a car someday.




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