Work Insanity

29 01 2008

Well, going on 7 days now without a day off.  Seems my assistant has come down with the flu.  How convenient.  I don’t really have issues with my team members who are sick or claim to be sick.  If you really are sick, stay home and get better, you won’t be very productive at work if you can’t see straight.  If you aren’t really sick, I’d rather you stay home too since in order to pretend you are sick, you’ve already created a negative aura around yourself just to play that game so I’d rather you not contaminate the rest of my team by bringing it to work with you.  Meanwhile, I get to pick up your slack either way and make a mental note of how you will eventually re-pay the favor.  I’ve flexible as long as it doesn’t get out of hand such as it did this past summer.  I won’t work 80 hour weeks with no days off again in the near future unless I do so voluntarily.  Fortunately the store manager who “expected” that from me because I am the manager who needs to run the department because in his view my team members were all ignorant is no longer at my store.  Any one of my team members could run my department.  I’ve trained them all to do it and do it correctly.  There is NO need for me to work that hard when I have people to do it for me.

Just an update on Jirar and me.  After a 3 hour phone conversation we were able to meet on some common ground with each other and things will be continuing on as normal for now.  We are still  not in the same place as we were 6 months ago but I’m not sure how we really could be, things are different now.  We both have adjusting to do and in the same breath, we both have decisions about life in general we need to make.  Some of those decisions are individualistic decisions, some of them are us as a couple decisions.  Nobody needs to freak out right now.

Thought I would leave you with a picture I found in the archive.  The sun was out yesterday for the first time in quite a while here.  This photo was not taken yesterday but I was reminded of how much blue sky’s and sun can play a HUGE part in my mood.  I’m much happier when the sun is out.  This is from the tall grasses in my yard, this is how they look at the end of the season and into winter.  Really pretty to look at.  Enjoy.




3 responses

1 02 2008

David- I am so sorry I haven’t been able to call lately. I want to talk to you about what’s going on. I’ve been incredibly sick lately and I have not been home in the evenings because of play practice. Hopefully we can connect his weekend sometime! I’ve been thinking about you every day. We could all use a dose of sunshine!!!

1 02 2008

Don’t worry mommy to be – take care of yourself FIRST, then worry about your brother. I’ll be home Friday night and Saturday I’ll be at mom and dad’s.

13 12 2009

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