3 02 2008

Finally, a copy of the Rutter Requiem has surfaced on YouTube that is not utterly tragic.  Those of you with high speed connections will be able to listen to this, the rest of you, just think back to my days at GVSU when our top choir tried doing this for a PBS television show.  We did it and it exemplified the difficulty of the piece and the reason it should only be attempted with care.  That’s not a slam on the music program at GVSU (hey, you can only work with what you have right?).  Just enjoy.  Like I’ve said before here, I am not a huge fan of John Rutter but there are certain things I do like one of them being that he has the ability to truly challenge not just a choir but also a director.  This piece, due to the changes in time, is quite difficult to direct correctly.  I had to do some of this on one of my conducting exams.




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