Required Viewing

18 02 2008

So you all know that I have just a wee bit of libertarian blood in me.  I mostly believe that the government has it’s place but it’s not in my house.  I don’t like government intrusion into my life and I don’t like random people having information about me, my life, my family, my health, etc. etc.  Seems the ACLU agrees.  The ACLU is a strange bunch.  The left loves them for their positions on free speech.  The right loves them for their positions on the second amendment.  Both sides go back and forth hating them and loving them.  They are sort of like the supreme court.  The only time you can stand them is when they make a decision you agree with.  They are a creative bunch and they know how to make a point.  Check out THIS web site, those of you with dial up will need to just sit there and let it load.  It’s worth the wait.  It will open in a new window.