14 02 2008

Why do I always have to work and be around dip shits?  Some readers will say – loose your fucking ego David, you’re nobody special and you’re working in retail what do you expect?  OK.  Now tell me why, when you have the opportunity to make a sale – you don’t- but rather you send the customer on a search through the store to the WRONG department (mine) so I get to deal with their attitude at having to walk BACK to YOUR department because you don’t have a fucking clue what you sell.  You know, sometimes it’s just too much drama to even be interesting.  Grow up folks, this is the real world now not fucking high school.  If you can’t do the job correctly, don’t fucking do it at all.  I REALLY hate having my time wasted by idiots.

I expect dumb ass, inconsiderate, and stupid behavior from kids.  I don’t understand why I’m supposed to expect it from 30 year old adults too.


How I spent my Christmas Eve

25 12 2007

I thought about doing a pictoral essay on Christmas Eve 2007 but then I figured a big sassy picture of the Grinch would just not do justice to my day.  I had only one pleasant part of my day and that was a nice fat steak dinner at my parents.  Yum.

Work was, well, stupid to put it nicely.  It was slow as expected.  What I had forgotten about however was that the typical Christmas Eve shopper is a complete ASSHOLE with a capitol A.  Not only have they put off shopping for Christmas until just a few hours before, they all seem to forget that we employees have families too that we would MUCH rather be spending time with for this holiday.  Even if you are not religious, this holiday in America is about spending time with family.  Do you really think that ANYONE working today actually wanted to be there?  Do you really think that ANY of us give a flying fuck that you are pissed off because we are closing early so WE can spend time with OUR families?  No, you people don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself.   FUCK ALL OF YOU, start shopping earlier next year you MORONS.

Here’s the part where I had a great meal with my folks.

Now on to the part where I am home at the computer and all I can smell in the house is CAT PEE.  I couldn’t take it anymore tonight.  I spent 3 hours cleaning the basement where my roommate lives.  I cleaned the laundry room, her bathroom floors, the entry way (where the cat pee was), I vaccummed for what I guessed was the first time since she moved in.  I had resolved ONLY to keep the laundry room clean since that was a common area of the basement.  She is a grown woman, I am not her fucking housekeeper.  She has free reign of all the other rooms and I don’t feel by any stretch that it is in any way my responsibility to clean her living space.  I clean my living space daily (thanks Mom for training me not to be a complete slob).  I keep the floors clean, I pick up after myself, I do the dishes, I make my bed, I clean my clothes, I fucking shower DAILY.  She does none of those things and I have a FULL vacuum bag to prove it.  Sadly, when she returns from her little holiday, she will not have noticed that anything is different.  I will not be thanked for cleaning up her cat’s pee and litter that was all over the floor.  I won’t be thanked for throwing out a dipping sauce from 3 months ago that had things growing on it.  I won’t be thanked for clipping the dead leaves off her pathetic looking house plants and watering them.  She won’t notice that the floor is clean, her laundry is folded, the cat boxes are clean and they all have food.  She won’t know that I threw away 5 really old orange peels that had dried up or that I spent 30 minutes cleaning the carpets with spot treatment to get who knows what out of the floors that weren’t there before she moved in.

The fact that I’ve still managed to remain civil to her is amazing.  I should in fact receive a gold star but alas I won’t.  She’s been bitching lately that it smells in the basement.  WELL DUHHHHHHH dip shit.  When you don’t pick up after yourself things STINK.

Anyhow, I’m done now.  Now I’m going to relax and finish preparing for Christmas Day.  I still have a couple of things yet I need to do with the gifts and I’ll be good to go.  Have a Happy Christmas readers, I’ll be back on the 26th or soon there after with more from my crazy life.