14 02 2008

Why do I always have to work and be around dip shits?  Some readers will say – loose your fucking ego David, you’re nobody special and you’re working in retail what do you expect?  OK.  Now tell me why, when you have the opportunity to make a sale – you don’t- but rather you send the customer on a search through the store to the WRONG department (mine) so I get to deal with their attitude at having to walk BACK to YOUR department because you don’t have a fucking clue what you sell.  You know, sometimes it’s just too much drama to even be interesting.  Grow up folks, this is the real world now not fucking high school.  If you can’t do the job correctly, don’t fucking do it at all.  I REALLY hate having my time wasted by idiots.

I expect dumb ass, inconsiderate, and stupid behavior from kids.  I don’t understand why I’m supposed to expect it from 30 year old adults too.